Angelika Klinger 

                                 Success through awareness, knowledge and training 

I advise and train Executives to broaden their skills and their scope of actions. 

Specialities are

  • Speaking in Public, Communication Training, Compelling Presentations, etc. 
  • Overview of the scientific proven hurdles women face in workplaces and possible action strategies 
  • Development of Leadership skills ("Career Coaching")
  • Women in Leadership: Challenges and proven strategies to overcome those challenges. 
  • Awareness about the rules within (male dominated) organizations and companies
  • Leading with self-confidence
  • Harmonization of work and family 

I support companies and organizations to develop Executives in the areas of Communications Skills, Self-Awareness and perception of others,  spotting and eliminate Unconsious Bias, Leadership Training as well as Leadership Potential Analysis.

I support companies and organizations, especially in the area of identifying and developing women in and into Leadership positions. 

I offer a broad range of consulting for companies and organizations in the area of D&I strategies, D&I management as well as support regarding the implementation of D&I strategies. 

One aspect is to identify the company's specific hurdles of women in workplace and to develop a concept to overcome them. 

I support and advice companies in developing, designing and improving Leadership Programs, especially Women Leadership Programs. and High Potential Promotions and Development Programs. 

My speeches, seminars and workshops can be include in the training and education program for Executives or integrated in the establishes leadership programs. They are designed to develop teams and devisions as well as women in leadership. They create awareness and present concrete actions strategies. 

I speak as a Keynote Speaker for company events, women network events, as a guest in discussion groups, at "Lunch & Learns",  etc. 

Examples of speeches are "Speaking in Public" as well as various topics of the scientific proven hurdles women face in workplace, such as "Communications differences between men and women", "Succes & Likeability Penalty: Why women are perceived different in workplace than men", "How to manage work & family", "How women can support women", etc. 

All speeches, workshops, seminars and advice is based on the current available research in the respective areas, such as psychology, sociology, sociolinguistic, speech language as well as organizational behaviour. 

I am looking forward to talking to you 

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