My speeches and workshops are suitable for all kind of audience (only women, mixed audience or men dominated audience). They are individually designed based on your input and the respective audience. 

Please find below inspirations for speeches and workshops:   

Secrets of Success 

Women still do not make it to the top management anywhere in the world. The earlier in your career you know about the reasons the easier and quicker you can achieve your goals. It is about becoming a player of the game, know the rules, return Fouls and not to take everything always to seriously...

A Bit of Sugar 

If women are competent and demonstrate leadership qualities, such as being decisive and driven, they are judged differently than men with the same behaviors. Often women are then considered as aggressive, too ambitious and therefore untrustworthy and unauthentic. Words, by the way, we heard a lot during the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton. But why ? Are there ways to overcome these bias and perceptions ?

Impostor Syndrome 

You are successful in business, but deep down it feels like fraud. You believe that it is only a matter of time until everybody else will find out that your success is only due to good luck, timing oder other external factors. You are unable to believe in your own talents and abilities.

75 per cent of individuals experience this at some point in life. Most of them have no idea how to describe this and prefer not to talk about this.

Knowing about this Phenomenon is the most important step to recognize and minimize the impact. 

Women's language

Women and men speak a different. language. For women to learn the men's and for men to learn the women's language is one of the most important steps to be successful in business.

Knowing about the differences is a strategic element in your career. Use it as an asset ! Like any other skill you learn during your career.

It is a little bit like learning any other language. The more you able to understand and speak the language, the more fun you have.